03 Ozone Weighted Tuning Fork


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03 Ozone Weighted Tuning Fork

Comes with Presentation Pouch as shown. Fork Dimensions Approx: 25cm x 3.8cm x 3cm

The 03-zone tuning fork works at a frequency of about 78 Hz, which is a frequency well above the range to produce ozone in the body. This will enhance the production of ozone in the body at a local area. The 03-zone fork can be used to wash over an area by pointing the prongs at it, or the stem can be placed on a particular spot.

The ozone layer is a layer in Earth’s atmosphere which contains relatively high concentrations of ozone (O3). This layer absorbs 93-99% of the Sun’s 's high frequency ultraviolet light, which is potentially damaging to life on earth.

The production of Ozone on the body is significant. The symbol for it is O3. The number of molecules of oxygen it has is 3 which make Ozone an unstable element. It can become stable, if it has 2 molecules, therefore it always tries to shed or throw away one of its molecule. This is the normal working of Ozone. The O3 Forks enhance the production of ozone in the body at a local area.

Benefits of Ozone:

  • Stimulates the production of white blood cells.
  • Increases immunity of human body.
  • Is effective against all types of fungi.
  • Fights viruses in a variety of ways.
  • Inhibits the growth of new tissue.
  • Has a tendency to clear blockages of large and even smaller vessels.
  • Increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells.

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