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Specially commissioned by Body Soul & Spirit, a stunning custom made Shamanic Smudge Fan approx. 30cm in length, lovingly hand made by our Shamanic supplier. We only use natural feathers which have been sourced ethically and none of our feathers are dyed, everything is 100% natural.

This fan is made with beautiful bright Amazon Parrot Feathers and plumage, nothing dyed or unnatural. The handle is luxuriously bound by leather and with tassles and beading.

A beautiful tool to direct the smoke and aroma of smudge sticks, herbs and resins around auras, houses, doorways and spaces. Use to direct and cleanse space prior to rituals, therapies and ceremonies or whenever stagnant or negative energy is experienced.

Totem Descriptions:

Macaw/Amazon Medicine
The parrot as a healer would be representative of both a colour therapist and a speech therapist. Parrot is a magical totem that teaches us that the world is full of possibility. The role of the parrot is that of a linguist opening communication centres. Parrots teach us the power of magic. Their feathers are used in healing rituals to invoke the properties of colour and light. Colour and light therapy have been used by many native tribes to heal the sick or injured. A bird which can speak the human language is considered to be a link between mankind's world and the world of nature.