Astro / Astral Mental Tuning Fork


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Astro Mental Tuning Fork Weighted

Comes with Presentation Pouch as shown. Fork Dimensions Approx: 28cm x 4.5cm x 3.5cm

It can be used to astrally project your Higher Self for travel in the astral realm for self-discovery and learning. This tuning fork is made under guidance from - Charles Lightwalker, USA and below is description given by him. This tuning fork is the frequency of conscious thought.

These are the thoughts you are aware of having or that you intentionally put your mind too. This makes this frequency great for improving your ability to communicate with others. You can focus on mentally projecting your thoughts to another so they understand what it is that you are saying. For the most part we do not think in words but pictures. Instructions for Use The first thing you will need to do is balance the charkas, then center yourself; reach that place in meditation of allowance, where you let go of all judgments and just open yourself to receive.

The Astral Mental tuning fork is weighted so pinch the prongs together or tap it on a rubber activator or other hard rubber item to get it vibrating. For this tuning you will need to place the stem of the tuning fork on the crown of the head (center) and then on both temples, alternate from one side of the forehead to the other for 10 minutes. We are activating the brain waves in the frontal lobes. Remember it is best if you balance the chakras first before doing this tuning, and always seal in the session with the Creation tuning fork.

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