Clear Quartz Faceted Oval Pendant 39 x 19 mm Solid 925 Sterling Silver


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Clear Quartz Faceted Oval Pendant set in 925 Solid Sterling Silver

Measurements and Weight (approx):

Length (to top of bail): 39mm

Width: 19mm

Depth: 13mm

Weight: 12g

Clear Quartz Properties – Crown Chakra Level

Balances and harmonises the aura, decrystalises blocks of energy flow and gives intuitive insight.

The Mineral Kingdom & The Power of Crystals

The mineral kingdom receives its energies from the sun and other planetary sources. Crystals are living entities that took millions of years to form. They are known for emitting powerful vibrations at light frequencies which stimulate our whole being; healing, balancing and fine tuning the Body Soul and Spirit. Crystal and colour therapies introduce the optimum balance of vibrational energies to create wellbeing, harmony and balance throughout the Body Soul and Spirit.

Allison Chan SNHS H.I. Dip (Holistic Therapies), SNHS Dips (Advanced Aromatherapy), (Crystal Healing), (Colour Therapy), (Meditation), (Past Life Therapy).

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