ASTROLOGY DICE with FREE Astrology Beginners Guide & Advanced Archetypal Chart by Body Soul & Spirit

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The field of Astrology is a very complex subject indeed because many influences need to be collated and considered to read an astrology chart. Our resin Astrology Dice and quick start guide can aid a beginner to learn the basic principles of astrology. The guide was written by our experienced Tarot Reader, Allison Lea, SNHS Dip HI Dip (Holistic Therapies) who has extensive practical knowledge of Astrology, Tarot, and the Tree of Life from her Qabalistic roots. The guide explains how to combine the influences of the planets, star signs, and the houses to form an overall impression.

Once a person is familiar with reading the symbols on each dice, our archetypal chart provides deeper explanations as to how the influences are naturally aligned. The chart demonstrates how tensions can arise from incompatible alignments and aids understanding the character and subtle differences of each part of each archetype. Over time, the user may be able to feel the influences of each of the dice, rather than to merely give a ‘parrot-fashion’ reading. Readings are simplified as knowledge is not required of the aspects because only one planet exists in each reading.

Please note: the colour of the dice may differ to the photograph.